Recycle bin issue

CurlyMo curlymoo1 at
Thu Jun 19 07:57:42 MDT 2014

I'm currently have a ZFS NAS setup similar to this:


All are separate ZFS filesystems.

My samba configuration (relevant part) looks like this:

     path = /data/%U
     vfs objects = recycle
     recycle:repository = /data/recycle/%U
     recycle:keeptree = yes
     recycle:versions = yes
     recycle:touch = yes
     recycle:maxsize = 0

     path = /data/recycle/%U

When running a default manually compiled Samba 3.5.11, this all works 
without issues. All files that are removed from any folder in /data/%U/* 
are moved to the /data/recycle/%U folder. However, this ONLY works with 
Samba 3.5.11. In any later version (and I believe also previous 
versions) this doesn't work anymore.

Is this a known bug? Did I maybe do something wrong? Or is there 
something else going on?

PS. this is the first time i used a mailing list.

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