[PATCHES] freelist defragmentation and (dependent) ctdb repacking

Michael Adam obnox at samba.org
Fri Jun 13 01:30:16 MDT 2014

On 2014-06-13 at 17:10 +1000, Amitay Isaacs wrote:
> >
> Hi Michael,
> The changes look good, but haven't finished reviewing them yet.

Thanks so far!

> One of the issue is that the ctdb changes are not compatible with older tdb
> version.  Are we making a decision to drop the compatibility with older
> versions of tdb?

Well I am not suggesting any such decision here.
Therefore, we can omit the final patch to ctdb
and simply have ctdb call tdb_freelist_size: That is
the first approach, where tdb_freelist_size is
changed to call tdb_freelist_merge_adjacend()
so that the API does not change, but a defragmenting
side-effect is added.

That's why I explicitly put it this way:

> On Thu, Jun 12, 2014 at 1:43 AM, Michael Adam <obnox at samba.org> wrote:
> >
> > - Because we might not want to bump the version to 1.3.1 for
> >   this (not sure..), or as a proposal, I have also changed
> >   tdb_freelist_size() to call tdb_freelist_merge_adjacent()
> >   so that it automatically defragments.
> >
> > - Secondly, there is a place when we traverse the freelist
> >   anyways, namely in tdb_allocate_from_freelist(). I have
> >   changed our loop there to merge with left freelist records,
> >   thereby automatically reducing the freelist fragmentation
> >   as the database is used. This will usually not traverse until
> >   the end though since the bes fit algorithm works with decreasing
> >   accuracy.
> >
> > - I probably owe a test to measure the effect?!
> >
> > The second patchset is for ctdb and builds upon the first one.
> >
> > - It changes the vacuum code to always call tdb_freelist_size()
> >   again before checking whether a repack run is needed, so that
> >   it automatically defragments the freelist.
> >   This might reduce the frequency of (blocking) repacks.
> >
> > - As a variant, on top there is a patch to explicitly call
> >   tdb_freelist_merge_adjacent() instead of freelist_size().
> >   If we choose to have freelist_size defragment, we don't
> >   need this change, and it is also more backward compatible.

Is that the more reasonable approach?

Cheers - Michael
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