Help with samba + kerberos

leandro at leandro at
Tue Jun 10 07:05:55 MDT 2014

I am new to samba and to start already made a nonsense of the great. I was trying to implement a management server linux prints to be added to an Active Directory server by following a tutorial, and it was necessary to use samba and kerberos. So, I installed and I followed the steps but by my mistake, to make a copy of the original files to restore in case of loss, I ended up leaving the configuration file identical to the samba configuration file kerberos. Thus, after running "net ads join -U" returned a success message + lack of credentials. With this, all client computers of this AD have received "Access Denied" when trying to login. As a way of trying to solve, I ran the "net ads leave -U" and with that all computers log again but the administrator does not log anymore.
"The security database on the server does not have a computer account for this workstation trust relathionship".
The issue is I do not know what he did in the AD server. I can not understand what he did, making it difficult to resolve this situation. I know this is a very stupid case, but really need some help. Any help will be appreciated.


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