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Michael Adam obnox at
Tue Jun 10 05:18:13 MDT 2014

Hi Luke,

On 2014-06-09 at 16:48 +0000, luke morrison wrote:
> I just wanted to say thank you for the replies.  I understand
> more about the source control and the importance of it within
> Samba. 
> I just emailed someone to see if I am legally allowed to do the
> git history during the summer. Due to a contract I signed as an
> intern I may or may not be able to. I will keep posted as that
> gentleman is gone this week. 

Great, thanks!

> > > But let me make one more comment here:
> > > A GSOC student is not a random contributor but is
> > > expected (at least by me) to get the hang of how
> > > samba development works as part of the GSOC project,
> > > and this includes coding style and presentation of
> > > patches, chopping up the changes into logical commits,
> > > etc. Of course the mentor(s) should greatly help
> > > the student in mastering this formalism.
> I think no student, or person can master Samba formalism in 2.5
> months, with or without a mentor or 20 mentors. Impossible.

I was not talking about mastery.
But trying to get the hang of it, as far as possible.

I absolutely agree that the obstacle is high, and that
it is most probably overwhelming initially if you have
not worked on a similar project before.

But at least in my past mentorings, a good amount
of my mentoring work was to collaborate with the
student to get him use git and do reasonable,
understandable patches. I even did the patch massaging
myself to some extent.

So, my words were not meant to intimidate you, but
rather to encourage you to continue the work on your
changes and to eventually (with help of mentors, etc!)
bring them into a shape fit for upstream. If you choose
to do so, that is highly appreciated! Of course,
if you move forward and do not have the opportunity
to continue work on those valuable patches, we will
see how we can get on with them ourselves.

But as you say: a GSOC student is a potential long term
contributor, and so we should try and do it right
from the beginning.

Cheers - Michael

> Unless Samba gets a massively elaborate manual about how it
> works each step of the way, than each student, like myself will
> have to learn the qualities step by step of gdb, wireshark,
> tcpdump, vim, Linux (if they are new to that), talloc, WAF,
> LDAP, Active Directory, the list goes on...
> A GSoC student starts as a random contributor but finishes as a
> developer. Samba is great for this. But a bit overwhelming. In
> the end nobody is to blame, and GSoC is a long term investment
> for Samba. I am crazy enough to still be invested after one
> year. I think your statement has truth, but for 1st/2nd year CS
> or Soft Eng students, it can fluctuate, and some understanding
> of where students are starting from needs to be had. 
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