[PATCHES] CTDB patches

Amitay Isaacs amitay at gmail.com
Tue Jun 10 01:26:03 MDT 2014


Trying to re-use some of the common code in CTDB helpers proved rather
tedious due to lack of clear separation of functions.

Here are the patches that separate ctdb independent utility functions so
they can be re-used.

First 20 patches are clean up patches.  Last 2 patches are fixes.

* ctdb-daemon: Do not complain if node is inactive and db is not attached

  This avoids extra log messages when CTDB is started as stopped and has
not attached all the databases.

* ctdb-daemon: Reset scheduler policy for helper processes

  This is a fix for regression.  All the child processes created by CTDB
should be run with normal scheduling priority.  However changes from fork()
to vfork(), caused the processes created with vfork() to be run at
real-time priority.

Patches are also available in my ctdb-wip branch.


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