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I recently got a reply or two about a submission about code I submitted one year ago. 
Since then, Garming worked on it and then I picked it back up, and literally spent an entire week working on it then sent it to the list, twice. And made a video to show that it works. 
It is more modular, works in more cases, and needs a fresh set of eyes. 
This code is meant to perform a service, which is keep the Samba server aware of all GPO that applies to it. It takes into account which OU, the hierarchy, the linking order, the case when the GPO gets deleted, does it based on a timer etc... It does so by constantly scanning sysvol, and making sure a GPO does not apply to Samba. It also backlogs already applied GPO to make sure that it does not parse a GPO that has not changed. 

I would request people just start trying it out. Samba did not get made by people reading code 10000 times before doing anything with it. Just because I am a student does not mean that I am unable to produce a working product. I would request people actually try it, try using it, see if it works on your box, and then go and tell me what is wrong with it.
Simply saying "the git history isnt pretty, go fix it." Really does nothing productive from the standpoint of "Getting Stuff Done". I am not here to isolate myself in a corner and pass you a package with a pretty bow on it. I am into OpenSource for Cross collaboration and required legit feedback and exact instructions to get it on the server. 
I can go on IRC and chat here and there, but I have done my job and covered all user cases, and dedicated much more time than required for  my Google Summer of Code. I request that people try it, use it, and then seriously consider putting on the server, or telling me exactly, specifically, what needs to change to put it on the server. I want it on the server. 
The AllPatch has one "big patch" with all git changes since Abartlet touched it early April. If you want to apply all the patches, take that big patch out first. 
Good Luck!!
Luke MorrisonSoftware EngineeringCarleton UniversityProgram Manager InternCompany XFrom: luc785 at hotmail.com
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Subject: Final GPO Service Video + Code
Date: Thu, 15 May 2014 04:56:06 +0000

Greetings Samba Team,GPO awareness of Samba server.video proof should you not believe me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=96QuO0sgMaY&feature=youtu.be
And the git branch is this inside "AfterGarwing".https://github.com/LukeM12/samba.git
inside AllPatch.zip there is a bigpatch.patch file of everything since Abartlets April 9th edit, so it is fairly recent. 

Legally not allowed to write any code this summer of this due to proprietary reasons as I am doing server stuff at an internship this summer. But should you have questions about my code, I think I can answer them.
Luke M

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