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Andrew Bartlett abartlet at samba.org
Thu Jun 5 04:24:35 MDT 2014

On Thu, 2014-06-05 at 03:05 +0000, luke morrison wrote:
> Hello,
> I recently got a reply or two about a submission about code I
> submitted one year ago. 
> Since then, Garming worked on it and then I picked it back up, and
> literally spent an entire week working on it then sent it to the list,
> twice. And made a video to show that it works. 


Garming and I were very impressed when we played with your patch a few
months ago.  This fills an important hole in Samba's capability, and so
is really important.  Thanks for keeping up the hard work on this!

However, I'm very sorry to say, but your posts of the patch (and indeed this one)
never made it to the list.  If you didn't get a response indicating it
is in moderation, then it was probably discarded due to having a .zip

I'm also really sorry we never managed to really get a full, two-way
conversation going, because I've seen over and over exactly how
frustrating and isolating that has made you feel.  We should not have
let you get this far without going though the full process and practical
details of getting code merged - even just simple build fixes or
something similar.  It means you get to this point without the practical
experience of how the full process works, from creating a patch to
sending it in, to getting it reviewed and finally to see it in master.  

It means that now, when you want to be finished with the work, you are
back at the start, learning about patch-craft, and for that I'm very

> It is more modular, works in more cases, and needs a fresh set of
> eyes. 


> This code is meant to perform a service, which is keep the Samba
> server aware of all GPO that applies to it. It takes into account
> which OU, the hierarchy, the linking order, the case when the GPO gets
> deleted, does it based on a timer etc... It does so by constantly
> scanning sysvol, and making sure a GPO does not apply to Samba. It
> also backlogs already applied GPO to make sure that it does not parse
> a GPO that has not changed. 
> I would request people just start trying it out. Samba did not get
> made by people reading code 10000 times before doing anything with it.
> Just because I am a student does not mean that I am unable to produce
> a working product. I would request people actually try it, try using
> it, see if it works on your box, and then go and tell me what is wrong
> with it.
> Simply saying "the git history isnt pretty, go fix it." Really does
> nothing productive from the standpoint of "Getting Stuff Done". I am
> not here to isolate myself in a corner and pass you a package with a
> pretty bow on it. I am into OpenSource for Cross collaboration and
> required legit feedback and exact instructions to get it on the
> server. 

I'm sorry to say it, because I've felt exactly the same way, but in open
source development, the style and presentation of patches is seen,
rightly or wrongly, as being far, far more important than their
function.  I know, and folks around here can attest to the battles I
waged against the 'git style' rules folks wanted me to adhere to.  It
took me ages, and a mastery of git rebase, but I now produce changes in
a bisect-able patch series of small and self-contained commits.  It
takes *ages*, but it also means that when other folks look over my
changes (say for example as part of our review process), they can
generally say 'I know what that does', to each step at a time. 
> I can go on IRC and chat here and there, but I have done my job and
> covered all user cases, and dedicated much more time than required
> for  my Google Summer of Code. I request that people try it, use it,
> and then seriously consider putting on the server, or telling me
> exactly, specifically, what needs to change to put it on the server. I
> want it on the server. 

Thanks for sending that in.  As I mentioned above, the .zip file seems
to have been either moderated or rejected by our mailing list.  If you
fear your mail didn't get to the list, I suggest you do two things:

Ensure you are subscribed to the list, and already get copies of your
own mail.  Then when you send something like this in, check you get it
back.  If you don't, or you don't normally get your own mail back for
some reason, check a reliable archive, like the one on lists.samba.org.
If the mail isn't there, nobody else got it either.  It can be difficult
to get attention to changes in unusual corners of Samba at the best of
times, let alone when nobody actually gets your mail.  

You do have my sympathies in this, you are not alone in this: even in my
position I share a lot of your frustration as I try to get my changes

> The AllPatch has one "big patch" with all git changes since Abartlet
> touched it early April. If you want to apply all the patches, take
> that big patch out first. 

I'm rather confused about the patch set you sent in.  bigpatch.patch
appears to be in reverse, or reverts a pile of changes, and isn't a git
commit, just a raw diff file.  I'm lost as to exactly what patches you 
want applied, but I'm going to re-send the rest to the list so at least 
they can be seen and commented on, as they match what you have here:

It would also be very helpful if all the patches your authored where signed off with:
Signed-off-by: Luke Morrison <luc785 at hotmail.com>
This is described here: https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/CodeReview

> ______________________________________________________________________
> From: luc785 at hotmail.com
> To: samba-technical at samba.org
> Subject: Final GPO Service Video + Code
> Date: Thu, 15 May 2014 04:56:06 +0000
> Greetings Samba Team,
> GPO awareness of Samba server.
> video proof should you not believe me 
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=96QuO0sgMaY&feature=youtu.be
> And the git branch is this inside "AfterGarwing".
> https://github.com/LukeM12/samba.git
> inside AllPatch.zip there is a bigpatch.patch file of everything since
> Abartlets April 9th edit, so it is fairly recent. 
> Legally not allowed to write any code this summer of this due to
> proprietary reasons as I am doing server stuff at an internship this
> summer. But should you have questions about my code, I think I can
> answer them.

Thanks, I hope we can make some progress here.  I do however need to be
blunt:  While you have done incredibly well in a GSoC project that was
clearly far, far more difficult than anyone imagined, this is still only
part of the road for these patches.  We still need to clean up the
patches to a state that we can accept into Samba and we still need
automated tests in our 'make test'.  We also need to ensure we can
maintain them, particularly given the challenge of you being unable to
contribute to them over the coming northern summer.


Andrew Bartlett

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