Great article on code reviews !

Jeremy Allison jra at
Mon Jun 2 11:17:53 MDT 2014

Hurrah, FreeBSD is now joining the club :-).

Some really great points in the article:

"But it's hard to step aside from your code once it is
building and running and all that is left for the world to
witness your creation is to "commit" it to the tree. But you
know what? In the vast majority of cases, nobody cares if you
commit your change at that exact moment, or tomorrow, or the
week after. It may be hard to hear this, but that pre-commit
"high" that rushes you to submit your code is usually
counterproductive and dangerous. (Been there, done that, and
ended up having to fix the commit soon after for stupid
reasons... countless times... and that is shameful.)"

I am soooo guilty of the above :-).


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