samba as AD DC - can the single process mode "-M single" atm still been used ?

Kai Blin kai at
Mon Jun 2 05:07:31 MDT 2014

On 2014-05-29 00:00, Andrew Bartlett wrote:
> However, it isn't likely to work with the internal DNS server if there
> is ever a blocking DNS lookup.  We shouldn't do that (we should always
> us the async code), but this is the main concern I would have.

As far as I'm aware, external DNS lookups always go via tevent_req async 
calls. Any particular pieces of code that you have in mind?

> (When the single mode server was first done, the DNS was always
> external, so it didn't matter previously).
> We could either find the code that needs to be fixed, or force the dns
> task to operate as a separate task.

I've pretty much done all my testing in single mode, so I'm a bit 
surprised by your assertion that single mode won't work with the 
internal DNS.


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