issue calling samba-tool

David Bear dwbear75 at
Thu Jul 31 00:11:15 MDT 2014

I'm scripting a call to samba tool and ran in to an error with samba-tool
not taking a documented parameter.

The call to samba-tool looks like this:

/bin/samba-tool username  p at ssw0rd  --given-name=joe --surname=adams
 --gecos=189  --mailaddess=joadams at
Usage: samba-tool <subcommand>

samba-tool: error: no such option: --given-name

As you see, the tool comes back with an option error. Everywhere I read
both in code on pydoc and various web sites there IS an option called
'--given-name' -- I even copy pasted out of the module where these names
are defined.

I'm lost. Why would samba-tool  report there is no such option ...

Please, any help?

David Bear
mobile: (602) 903-6476

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