[PATCHES] CTDB NAT gateway and test improvements

Martin Schwenke martin at meltin.net
Sun Jul 27 21:08:12 MDT 2014

* ctdb-eventscripts: Remove NAT gateway "monitor" event

  Before doing this, I've been waiting to make failed "ipreallocated"
  events cause a takeover run to fail...  but now I realise that I
  already did that back in September.

* ctdb-tests: Add another LCP2 takeover test

  A new, slightly different test case for the bug fixed by
  f1a20d748f6ab4702be5b17047a3fbfa0f3e8d0c.  The more the merrier.  :-)

* ctdb-eventscripts: Remove unused argument to natgw_ensure_master()

Please review and push if OK.

In my ctdb branch:


peace & happiness,
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