third_party (ex-lib_3p) now ready for review.

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at
Thu Jul 24 00:39:15 MDT 2014

Am 24.07.2014 07:47, schrieb Andrew Bartlett:
> On Wed, 2014-07-23 at 01:22 -0700, Ira Cooper wrote:
>> The functionality of the patch as far as a "user" is concerned is much the
>> same.  But it has been refactored underneath so it has less code
>> duplication, and it is prepared for the day when we want to change the name
>> of the third_party directory.  (While I haven't plumbed it into configure,
>> one could.)
>> The patchset itself has been broken out into smaller more understandable
>> patches.
>> If you have comments on how to make it better, I'm all ears.
>> The main thing, you will find me strongly opposed to changing is the last
>> commit, removing the libraries, hopefully reading the popt commit will help
>> you understand why, along with all the discussions along the way.
>> I encourage you to see this as a "final draft".  (Or RC1.)  I do think it
>> is much more ready to go than when I started, thank you for the review
>> comments!  They truly did prove useful.
>> Trees for review:
>> Samba:
>> Third party git tree:
> I would still prefer we had a build (such as the samba-libs autobuild
> target, and perhaps a distcheck run) that removed the 3rd party
> directory, but left the stuff in git.  The tarballs would not contain
> the 3rd party stuff, via a DIST_BLACKLIST rule.

Yes, I also prefer that. Having a 2nd git repository just makes sure
things get our of order.
Removing third-party/ from master gets a clear NACK from me.

We can have the release script create an additional

I think we should also have an autobuild target using
to make sure we force the use of the third-party libraries to make sure
they're usable.

For talloc, tdb, tevent and ldb we should change the default to avoid
bundled libraries
but include them in the tar.gz, an explicit --bundled-libraries= would
be required.


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