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Michael Adam obnox at
Fri Jul 18 01:45:04 MDT 2014

On 2014-07-18 at 08:33 +0200, Kai Blin wrote:
> On 17/07/14 19:49, Jeremy Allison wrote:
> >Just a point - I believe there are fewer
> >'regular users who are trying to build Samba' these days.
> >Although it's more popular with Samba4 than it
> >has been for years, due to the new AD feature.
> I think there's a decent number, seeing how e.g. Fedora-derived
> distros don't build AD features at all. Sure, if I just need a file
> server, and I don't care about the latest, greatest SMB 3.x
> features, system packages work just fine.
> >Mostly it's packagers and distros I think.
> >This is merely anecdotal data, I don't have
> >hard numbers - but I think self-building
> >users are a smaller and smaller part of our
> >customers these days.
> Just keep in mind that you're mainly talking to file server users. :)

I can't recall seeing users of samba4-ad who build
samba manually, but I'd say of all the fileserver customers
I dealt with in the recent past, some 10-20 percent do build
manually from the sources rather than using any packages,
and not only on exotic unixes but als on Linux.

That being said, I am personally fine with removing the
3rdP-libs, but providing instructions on how to obtain them,
ideally in the form of a script (like the "
mentioned by Jelmer, possibly one for each lib), and checked in
to the samba tree, would be a minimum we should to provide. We
need something for the build farm anyways. That mechanism could
put the libs in the third-party directory and drop wscript
portions there so that we can then recurse as in Ira's patches.

Cheers - Michael

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