lib_3p system

Ira Cooper ira at
Wed Jul 16 17:03:55 MDT 2014

In all the work I've been asked for my rationale for the work I am done.

It is about cleanliness and solid software engineering.  We can't be sure
we AREN'T using libraries that are totally integrated into our build
system.  While we can try, and we can claim, the true proof is removing

In the interests of doing this, I've actually gone ahead and removed them,
on a branch. and put in support for downloading a tar file, manually.

The first patch on my new branch shows a file that was including our local
popt headers, instead of following and finding the system ones.  I suspect
it is the only one, but until there is more testing on more systems, I
won't feel truly sure of that.

If we wish to support a "fat" tarball for our releases, that is fine.  But
for day to day to development, the intent of this change is to make it so
developers who don't wish to have these libraries or their sources on their
system, do not have them there.

If you want more rationale than Simo's rationale, Jeremy's and Volker's, I
suggest you look at my first patch on this branch.  It shows what I truly
fear.  Insidious errors.  This error was innocent it looks like...

This is why I do not support third party libraries in the tree.  These type
of mistakes are too easy to make, and too easy to tempt ourselves into.

Git branch is at:;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/lib_3p

The supporting "lib_3p" tar file:  (This should move to a better
location and be versioned etc, if we do this.)

I'll construct the actual git repo to go with the tarfile tomorrow.

I suggest you look at the code, and the overall concept.  I think you'll
find it a vast improvement, and a solid middle ground.

(Yes, this is a request for review, and comments.)



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