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Mon Jul 7 22:59:06 MDT 2014

Hi Team,

I have some very interesting logs(to my knowledge).

Observed in samba-3.6.x and samba-4.1.x(Fedora OS)

*I)run below command from windows “cmd” prompt.*

1.“copy filename \\ipaddress\print”

2.Output job succeeds.

*Observation:* Observed 4 times openfile and closefile requests are

First 3 requests with zerolength, 4th having data and writing happens here,
again 5th zerolength.

Ref:Wireshark capture is attached

*II)print using normal driver print (right click on page then print)*

1.Print one file.

2.Output job succeeds.

*Observation:* Only once openfile and closefile request is happening, feel
its correct.

Please find my questions below.

1.since the same file is printed in both the cases, why the behavior is
different and how the client request is handling?

2. Even though sent data is proper why its showing “zero length” in first 3

Please find the attached wireshark packet capture and log


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