Install SAMBA 4 with external ldap

Da Cruz, José jose.da.cruz at
Wed Jul 2 09:14:59 MDT 2014


Today we have an architecture of this type:
- 1 SAMBA 3.5.6 server (file server, user management windows)
- 1 OpenLDAP backend server (with SMTP / POP / IMAP / HTTP / APPLICATIONS and Samba)

We identified two scenarios:
- We want to migrate this solution to a version of samba4 communicating with OpenLDAP backend server if possible. (not many docs found the above)

- Or migrate to the latest versions of SAMBA 3.6.9 and continue to use the second OPENLDAP server (Backend). However, we have to integrate into the DC  some clients with WINDOWS 7 and we don't want to change the windows "registry" to become compliant (

Can you tell us if these two scenarios are possible and there are documents relating to this issue?

Thank you.

Best regards.


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