Need information on building samba with ads and krb5

Adarsha S s.adarsha at
Tue Jul 1 07:21:11 MDT 2014


Currently I'm using samba 3.5.1 without ads support and its working fine.
Now I'm in a flow of building samba with ads and krb5.

I'm using debian machine.
I installed krb5-1.12 on the machine.

when I say ./configure *--with-ldap --with-ads --with-krb5 , * I get krb5.h
file not found.

I could make out krb5.h files in below path:

How do I link up krb5.h file to samba's configure

I browsed multiple site but solution was to install krb5 supportive for
I did but still couldn't get the problem solved.

Please guide me in this.


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