Proposal to remove zlib from the Samba tree

yaberger at yaberger at
Tue Jul 1 06:57:14 MDT 2014

I compile my own zlib 1.2.8 on AIX as it's a dependancy for building my 
own openssh
Just like Python 2.x is a dependancy of Samba4, if you're able to build 
Samba4 yourself, I believe some dependancy like zlib and Python can be 
built/maintained on a manual basis.
Until we're required to pre-build tons of dependancy, I don't see this as 
a stopper for me.

> AIX does not ship with zlib and IBM does not provide a supported/recent 
> zlib package for download.  We use Samba as file server only and our 
> 4.1.X builds are using the Samba zlib.
> John Janosik
> jpjanosi at

Yannick Bergeron
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