How do do bulk reviews?

Martin Schwenke martin at
Tue Jan 28 12:39:22 MST 2014

On Tue, 28 Jan 2014 10:37:48 +0100, Michael Adam <obnox at>

> Also, I do of cours not care at all how --technically-- the
> review-tag is added. But I think it is very important to
> review each patch individually. And the natural too do this
> is "git rebase -i".

I find that something like:

  git log -p --reverse origin/master..

works nicely.  I can search on "^commit" in "less" to move around when I
need to refer to another patch in the series.  You don't get that if
you're using rebase to go patch-by-patch.  Occasionally I use gitk to do
something similar.... but I prefer to see a whole lot of text rather
than a whole lot of GUI.

There are also those times when I was to see the old and new code
side-by-side.  For me that involves a whole lot of "git show"
fu.  I should try to figure out if there's a relatively easy way of
getting Emacs to display an alternate version... and there is (C-x v ~)!

peace & happiness,
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