New Wiki HowTo: Restoring deleted AD objects

Marc Muehlfeld samba at
Sun Jan 26 23:52:48 MST 2014


after 2 month of being offline, I finally got a working internet 
connection again and can announce myself back to continue working on 
HowTos in the Wiki. :-)

During the last time, I did a lot of research about the possibilities 
and limitations of restoring deleted objects in a Samba AD. I think it 
is a very helpfull topic for administrators. The results I wrote down in 
a new HowTo:

During reading you will discover, that Samba doesn't provide the 
capabilities yet, you may know from Windows. I mentioned the pitfalls in 
a 'known issues' section and of course I've reported the 
incompatibilities/bugs (#10371 and #10403)

Out of this HowTo a small second one has been risen:
(Also found a problem here, when raising the levels from Windows: #10360)

Any kind of feedback is welcome. :-)


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