Samba4 user import

Marc Muehlfeld samba at
Tue Jan 21 13:00:07 MST 2014

Hello Martin,

Am 21.01.2014 19:01, schrieb Funke, Martin:
> i successfully configured my Samba4 AD in CentOS. My next problem is that i need a way to import my users.
> Normally i have a .csv file which contain the infos about the people.
> Is it possible to import those users from a .csv file?

Did you had a Samba NT4-domain before:
Then why not using the classicupgrade process?

Or is this a new complete new setup any you want to populate your directory:
Write a small shell script iterating through your *.cvs file and 
creating the accounts with 'samba-tool user...'.


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