[PATCH] some fixes for waf issues

Christian Ambach ambi at samba.org
Wed Jan 15 14:20:05 MST 2014

Hi Andrew,

>>>> I would lean towards option 2 as it is less intrusive than changing
>>>> the behavior of configure checks for everything that we check for.
>>>> This is what you can find in the attached patchset and what is reported
>>>> to fix the build on AIX by the bug reporter.
>>> I think 1 is the better option, unless there is a very pressing need for
>>> intl on AIX and really no way to install the correct headers.
>> If we go with option 1 and change the behavior of configure checks to
>> only make use of a function if the prototype is present and the
>> resulting binary could be linked successfully, it might open up a can of
>> worms if the change is done to the configure checks in general,
>> affecting all checks.
>> There are known examples that will fail then, like fdatasync on MacOS.
>> So this check should better be local to the gettext configure checks.
>> How about changing them to only enable gettext support if the prototypes
>> could be found and linking succeeds?
> Yes.  That is the standard approach for this kind of situation.

Okay, the attached patchset implements the change of --with-gettext
to an automatic option: if nothing is given and detection fails,
use of gettext will be skipped. If user has given --with-gettext and
detection fails, configure will abort.
As a safety net, --without-gettext is still around that will enforce
that gettext is not used.

Please review.

>> Is gettext really that important? Not having it will "just" leave you
>> without localized error messages for the minority of Samba binaries and
>> libraries. When the new patches have landed, this can be removed again.
> Indeed.  I was surprised to see it made mandatory, when important things
> like ACLs, xattr and LDAP were not at that point.  Just make sure we
> undo the build farm changes if we change the rules here.

Making that mandatory was a short-sighted mistake. The new approach
should be better.


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