Cross compiling samba 4.1

Gustavo Zacarias gustavo at
Wed Jan 15 07:02:59 MST 2014

On 01/15/2014 10:12 AM, Stefan (metze) Metzmacher wrote:

> I think the first target should be 'master' from there we can do
> backports to
> 4.1 if want to.

The patches seem to apply to both branches so i think everyone will be
I haven't tried making master build but i shouldn't be a problem.

>> 1) python_LIBDIR & friends
>> As Christophe said in the old thread we can't use the host python for
>> basically anything useful as it is. At the moment i'm patching python
>> 2.7.x to include a backport of python's 3.4 python-config script that's
>> not python-based (shell based, pre-computed results), hence the results
>> don't depend on a runtime python being runnable (like when cross-compiling).
> Would it be possible to get real answers by calling python with the
> --cross-execute
> emulator or get the result from the --cross-answers file?

--cross-answers is probably the way to go.

>> 3) Heimdal
>> After some twiddling i managed to get a mixed solution for this.
>> Since the tools are built for the target and they're needed to build the
>> libraries i opted to build a host-variant in buildroot and make the
>> samba build system use the external tools.
>> It may be possible to avoid this using some CC_FOR_BUILD trickery.
> In our old pre waf buildsystem we used to have a HOST_CC, with
> we already have use_hostcc=True, but it's unused currently.

External heimdal libraries need their own set of patches to
cross-compile properly, some are already upstream and others need some work.
I haven't managed to get samba to use those yet, but i'm not handling it
as a high priority either since in many cross build systems heimdal
isn't packaged.
Yes, HOST_ variants should be good too, i'll look into it to avoid the
need for external heimdal tools.

>> Of course other proposed ways are welcome, i've got all the necessary
>> bits to test the results :)
> What we need a is a good description of how to reproduce your results,
> can you update/extend the wiki articles on cross-compiling if needed?

At the moment i've got this building with buildroot, so it's very
BR-specific to document i think.
But yes, once the details are ironed out i can update the wiki.

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