Cross compiling samba 4.1

Gustavo Zacarias gustavo at
Wed Jan 15 05:45:22 MST 2014

Hi all.
Re-hashing an old thread here :)
I'm, among other things, a buildroot developer.
Good news is i've managed to get samba 4.1.3/4 cross-compiled and
running just fine.
Bad news is that my patchset isn't exactly clean but it's not too
extensive either.
So the question (there's always one isn't?) is if i should work on
getting this integrated into the stable 4.1.x series or should i aim at 4.2?
Most of the "big" patching regards:

1) python_LIBDIR & friends
As Christophe said in the old thread we can't use the host python for
basically anything useful as it is. At the moment i'm patching python
2.7.x to include a backport of python's 3.4 python-config script that's
not python-based (shell based, pre-computed results), hence the results
don't depend on a runtime python being runnable (like when cross-compiling).

2) Modify some tests
Some of the test results aren't fetched from the answers cache.
A couple of this seem to be doable with Execute=false, another one needs
to be changed from conf.check to conf.CHECK_CODE to use the cache.

3) Heimdal
After some twiddling i managed to get a mixed solution for this.
Since the tools are built for the target and they're needed to build the
libraries i opted to build a host-variant in buildroot and make the
samba build system use the external tools.
It may be possible to avoid this using some CC_FOR_BUILD trickery.

The result is working on ARM & PowerPC at the moment - mostly what i
generated an answers cache file for and the hardware i've got to test.

If you think this way is ok i'll start sending cleaned-up patches.
Of course other proposed ways are welcome, i've got all the necessary
bits to test the results :)


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