[PATCH] ctdb/daemon: Untangle serialisation of 1st recovery -> startup -> monitor

Martin Schwenke martin at meltin.net
Tue Jan 14 17:00:00 MST 2014

At the moment ctdb_check_healthy() is overloaded to wait until the
first recovery is complete, handle the "startup" event and also
actually handle monitoring.  This is untidy and hard to follow.

Instead, have the daemon explicitly wait for 1st recovery after the
"setup" event.  When first recovery is complete, schedule a function
to handle the "startup" event.  When the "startup" event succeeds then
explicitly enable monitoring.

This and other CTDB patches I'm posting are in my ctdb-wip branch:


Please do not push the whole branch - there is incomplete work
there.  :-)

peace & happiness,
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