Samba project aspirant for GSOC 2014

Saket Sinha saket.sinha89 at
Tue Feb 25 01:21:33 MST 2014

Hi Steve,

          First of all, congratulations to entire Samba team for
their selection in GSOC 2014.

Let me quickly grap the opportunity to introduce myself. I am a GSoC
2013 participant . I had completed my project Hepunion filesystem with
CERN last summer. You can find more details about me and my project

Hepunion filesystem  is a stackable filesystem I am developing for
CERN( the European Organization for Nuclear Research). CERN needs a
Union filesystem for LHCb(Large Hadron Collider Beauty) to provide
fast diskless booting for LHCb's nodes. For such an implementation,
they need a file system with two branches a Read-Write and a Read Only
so they decided to write a completely new union file system called

This year I am again interested in applying for GSOC for some linux
kernel filesystem related work. I wnet through the Samba GSOC ideas
and the following two projects interested me-

Kindly let me know which of these is most viable and how to get
started with these projects for this GSOC programme.

Saket Sinha

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