Need help regarding samba issue

Marc Muehlfeld samba at
Tue Feb 25 15:59:53 MST 2014

Hello Imtiaz,

Am 11.02.2014 06:51, schrieb Imtiaz Rahman:
> 1.       GPO specially UAC (User Access Control). Is this GPO is supported
> by SAMBA4. If yes I want to know how? (I have a windows pc from where I
> managed the domain.)

I'm not sure, if I understand what you are looking for. Do you mean if 
it's possible to control the UAC on workstations through group policies 
in a Samba AD? Something like ? I think, this 
should work. But simply try it. :-)

> 2.       I add another server as a member server in the domain but it's not
> synchronized.  How can I synchronized this two server?

DC are replicating the directory content between each DC. But shared 
folders content is not replicated by Samba.

Please be a bit more specific, what you are expecting when you say 
"...added another member server, but it's not syncronized...".

> Looking for your help and if  there is any support mail or something like
> that I will be glad if you provide me the address.

For general help about Samba, the best place would be the Samba mailing 
list (not the samba-techical list you used. This one is for development 
and internals).

And if you subscribe yourself to the list, then your mails are directly 
send to the list and are not kept on hold until someone release them. :-)


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