Samba4 DC implementation

Juan Jose jj197005 at
Tue Feb 11 04:58:50 MST 2014

Hello team,

I have installed a Samba4 DC for testing and all process has been a
success. I have installed my DC with a BIND 9.8 DNS, in mode BIND9_DLZ. I
have defined the domain SIEE.LOCAL and all is working properly but if I
want to define a siee.local zone in BIND9 and restart BIND9 it says that
this zone is already defined because I have the file
"samba_installation_directory/private/named.conf" included in

This problem makes me impossible to define machines in BIND9 with the
domain siee.local. Is it possible to have machines defined in my BIND9 DNS
with siee.local domain? and how can I do it?. If I comment the samba file
included in "/etc/bind/named.conf" I can have this machines in the domain
siee.local because I can define this zone in BIND zone file

Thank you very much in advanced.


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