[PATCHSET] cwrap for 'make test'

Andreas Schneider asn at samba.org
Thu Feb 20 10:20:54 MST 2014

Hello Team,

I'm finally done with migrating our source tree to use the preloadable 
wrappers. I check if a system version of the wrappers is installed and 
available with the needed version. If none is installed it will use the 
bundled version.

What are the advantages of the preloadable version?
* You can run 'make test' with a optimized build.
* It works with each system library and binary.
* We can use external projects in future (MIT KDC)

You can find the patchset here:

I'm looking forward to discuss the patches with you!

Remember, some of the wrappers have changed significantly. socket_wrapper has 
several changes to fix issues we discovered using it with MIT KRB5. 
nss_wrapper has support for name resolutions and some bug fixes. uid_wrapper 
is a complete rewrite.

Test results for the wrappers can be found here:


There are more tests needed! Help is appreciated if someone is interested :)

Best regards,

	-- andreas

Andreas Schneider                   GPG-ID: CC014E3D
Samba Team                             asn at samba.org

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