PATCH for Coverity issues

Santosh Pradhan spradhan at
Thu Feb 20 06:19:05 MST 2014

Thanks for the quick reply.

On 02/20/2014 06:26 PM, Volker Lendecke wrote:
> On Thu, Feb 20, 2014 at 06:21:10PM +0530, Santosh Pradhan wrote:
>> What about the 2nd patch ?
> For this one people more familiar with the krb5 libraries
> should comment. I'm not sure a plain "free" here is the
> right thing. There's a ton of "krb5_free_something" routines
> used, and I don't know if there's a "krb5_free_realm"
> function or "krb5_free_string" that would be more
> appropriate in this context.

Yes, I was thinking of using krb5_free_default_realm() which takes a 
context param (never used) along with realm param. Internally it 
callskrb5_xfree() which is nothing but free(). But I found plain free() 
is also used  e.g. in smb_krb5_make_principal() , FILE: 

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> With best regards,
> Volker Lendecke

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