[PATCH] internal DNS server: add missing timestamps on dyn. records and fix adding new dnsRecords

Kai Blin kai at samba.org
Thu Feb 20 03:11:29 MST 2014

On 2014-02-20 10:38, Günter Kukkukk wrote:

Hi Günter,

> the missing timestamp on dyn. DNS records should be fixed ASAP - otherwise
> those records are treated as STATIC DNS entries, which never get scavenged/aged!

You spent some time digging there. Can you add a test that'll pass 
against the MS AD DNS server for this, so we can make sure not to break 
it by accident?

> The second patch is *ugly* somewhat - but can be seen as an intermediate fix,
> until all the Microsoft dns scavenging/aging is fully understood.
> Then some rework is needed anyway ...

I'm not sure I understand what we're trying to achieve with this patch. 
If leftover deleted dynamic records are scavenged, are they a problem?

> Both patches pass:
> make test TESTS=samba.tests.dns

Yes, but I doubt the existing tests really exercise these code paths, so 
this isn't really saying much. We really need specific new tests for 
specific new features, or we'll just have a lot of magic untested code 
that'll break eventually.


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