[PATCH] Handle non-constant strings properly and share the param_globals structure

Garming Sam garming at catalyst.net.nz
Sun Feb 16 18:10:49 MST 2014

On 14/02/14 13:26, Garming Sam wrote:
> Hi,
> So the attached patches are some of the work I've been doing on loadparm.
> The lib/param code has been changed to handle non-constant strings 
> correctly. This involved changing the code to pass down a memory 
> context in certain parts of the code.
> We can now use the same globals structure across the two loadparms, 
> eliminating the need to call lp_functions from the lib/param code. By 
> doing this, it means that we no longer need to dynamically generate 
> the s3_param.h file and loadparm_ctx_table and they have now been 
> removed.
> Also included is a couple suggested tidyups.
> Please review.

The current branch is stored in gerrit if anyone wants to have a play 
with it.



Garming Sam

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