Quest of SUSE 10 with Server2k8 AD authentication

Danie Wessels Danie.Wessels at
Mon Feb 10 08:43:33 MST 2014

I just saw two things. 
The oracle VM does not get registered in the DNS and thus not resolved.
The VM machine02 (not machine01) has a different IP than the one that the AD DNS resolve to.
The DNS still has the original physical machine's IP (which was switched on, on Friday).
This does not say what the problem still is with not getting wbinfo -t on machine01
VM machine02 (and thus also the physical machine02) still had AD user authentication (local and remote login) working in December before the AD and DNS config was fixed. - Before the join command had broken the trust of machine01 to AD and before last week supposedly also the join command on the VM machine02 (But physical machine02's trust is also now seemingly broken)

[root at myoracle01 ~]# net ads join -S{PDC} -U{someuser1}
Host is not configured as a member server.
Invalid configuration.  Exiting....
Failed to join domain: Invalid domain role

Ah, there is always something more to work on. If could just see the light in this dim place. :^)
ie. If I can get a ticket (klist -5), who do I get the trust (wbinfo -t)?
Only After join start samba, right?

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No progress yet. 
Danie W

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