As I look at Coverity - heimdal.

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at
Thu Feb 6 16:20:46 MST 2014

On Thu, 2014-02-06 at 18:01 -0500, Ira Cooper wrote:
> I'm looking at our list of Coverity problems, it looks like a decent
> fraction of them ~15% are due to heimdal.
> I'd like to know the project's policy towards fixing issues in Heimdal, as
> I start looking into fixing Coverity issues in Samba.

Heimdal is very willing to take patches - the are on github and
regularly accept pull requests from there. 

Please try and fix things upstream, and then apply the same patch here.
This will reduce the work required when we update the Heimdal sources,
which we need to do more often than we currently do.  Please don't make
that any harder.

Also, you may find many of these issues are already addressed upstream.
If you wanted to help import a new Heimdal version, I could explain or
work with you on the process (we have scripts to avoid loosing local


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