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Danie Wessels Danie.Wessels at
Tue Feb 4 23:26:55 MST 2014

Hi Jonathan

My understanding
550 User: Read, Executable; Group: Read, Executable
On Folder, Executable means you can traverse down into folder and view whatever permissions you have.
On File, Executable = you can try to execute it like a .bat, .exe, .com in windows
On File, Read = All data is accessible for read only, i.e. no change. Whatever the reader (i.e. Explorer, gedit, notepad++, vim or whatever editor / reader) does with this data (even .pdf) is not controlled (like changing it and saving it elsewhere) - as long as it does not try to overwrite or delete the original data - that is not allowed as long as the write flag is not set for that user, group or world.

I am very new to group. i.e. not samba guru and since this is not a samba issue but Linux permissions, it could be addressed on any distribution forum or Thus I am venturing an answer.

Danie W

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