[PATCH] Fix the last of the defaults and include a test to check them

Garming Sam garming at catalyst.net.nz
Tue Feb 4 14:55:55 MST 2014

On 04/02/14 23:02, Michael Adam wrote:
>> It was scripted and they've been looked over individually.
>> Branch full of renames:
>> git://git.catalyst.net.nz/samba.git  polished-param5
>> http://git.catalyst.net.nz/gitweb?p=samba.git;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/polished-param5
> I will try to get around to reviewing them soon.
>> The remaining meta data patches either somehow caused conflicts,
> Should be easy to resolve these.
> I can't currently imagine how they should cause conflicts.
> Other patches must have been made to the same files in
> the meantime. That has happened e.g. for the renames
> I already did: firstly, I moved the type fixes in before
> the metadata patches. There I already resovled all conflicts
> in my master-param branch (the TODO patches on top...)
> That's why I posted that branch in the first place.
> Secondly for some of the renames, the corresponding
> metadata patch not only added "function" but also
> "parm" or "constant". So I modified those patches.
> But again, these conflict resolutions should be rather straight.
> I can help if you point me to a sepcific patch that is causing
> problems.
>> or the original name seemed more preferable, so opinions on those would
>> be good. In some of the cases where the primary name for the
>> parameter is less descriptive or more ambiguous, I would propose
>> changing the name and using the old one as a synonym.
> Sounds very reasonable in principle.
> We need to decide that for each parameter individually.
> Do you have a list? Or proposed patches with these
> parameter renames?

Just updated the branch with a fix to one of the patches, 'follow 
symlinks' which I managed to catch with the new docs.py test.

To be more clear about some of the ones left over, they're the ones 
which caused unintended consequences with the scripted renames.

The remaining meta data patches are:
     disable spoolss - this one was a leftover parameter prefixed with _
     default service - there is already an existing lpcfg_default_service

These need to be done by hand:
     log file
     debug timestamp

These are the ones where the rename seems to reduce clarity:
     preload                        auto_services
     wins support                we_are_a_wins_server
     wins server                  wins_server_list
     dns proxy                     wins_dns_proxy

If we could get these existing patches in while we discuss the remaining 
ones, that would be ideal.


Garming Sam

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