OS/2 and chained commands

Steve French smfrench at gmail.com
Tue Feb 4 09:36:58 MST 2014

In testing OS/2 against Samba, I noticed only minor problems so far
(bcc padding issues on a few commands that the client ignores), but I
had heard that there was an issue with SMB_COM_WRITE_AND_X (chained
with unlock or close?) but haven't been able to find any report of
this - and given the activity testing OS/2 around release 3.0.20 would
think that it would have been noticed.   Anyone aware of any OS/2
interoperability issues with Samba?

In traces of file copy, I do see smb opcode 0x2C (SMB_WRITE_AND_CLOSE)
which is not really a chained operation.  In traces of the 'e' editor
I see write requests but not chained write requests

Any idea if Samba has problems with any chained requests - I haven't
found any evidence so far - or ideas how to reproduce this



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