[PATCH] build: allow some python variable overrides

Gustavo Zacarias gustavo at zacarias.com.ar
Tue Feb 4 03:17:00 MST 2014

On 02/03/2014 03:45 PM, Paul Kölle wrote:

> Hi Zacarias,
> I think the code could use some stylistic improvements if you dont mind ;)

Of course, it's welcome, my python-fu isn't great.

> Don't use bare except statements, this should probably be "except
> KeyError" but you might want to avoid all those try/except lines
> altogether. Why not use something like:
> os_env = dict(os.environ)
> if os_env.get('python_LDFLAGS', None):
>   conf.log.write("python_LDFLAGS override from environment = %r\n" %
>                  (override_python_LDFLAGS))
>   python_LDFLAGS = override_python_LDFLAGS
> cheers
>  Paul

True about the blind except.
There's a little problem there with your way... if i do...
python_LDFLAGS="" then it's assuming it's not overriding, when it is
(and there are valid use-cases for it being empty, in fact it works
better if left empty when cross-compiling and let python-config provide
it's stuff alone).

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