[PATCH] Fix the last of the defaults and include a test to check them

Garming Sam garming at catalyst.net.nz
Sun Feb 2 14:41:59 MST 2014

> One other question about metadata:
> Could you provide a list of metadata entries that you
> added and their precise meaning?
> So far I saw "function", "synonym", "generated_function",
> "constant", "parm"

function corresponds to what function name is generated i.e. lp_xxxx and 
lpcfg_xxxx. In the case where no name is specified, the parameter name 
with underscores instead of spaces will be generated automatically 
(unless it's marked not to generate).

generated_function = "0" if you don't want to generate an lp function 
from this parameter. This is basically for special cases, which may 
happen where there is some kind of conflict currently.

synonym is currently marked for any synonyms, but normal synonyms do not 
usually have an xml page, so this only actually appears for inverted 
synonyms currently. Currently marking a synonym means that no lp 
function is also generated.

constant refers to whether or not the parameter should be constant, but 
this is actually only currently used for strings. Constant in this case 
indicates whether or not substitutions occur with the string, I believe.

parm, I was actually never entirely sure of. Some of the functions are 
in the form FN_XX_PARM_XX and they take a different parameter, 
share_params (instead of an integer which corresponds to the service 
index). If anyone could shed light on it, that would be helpful. There's 
not actually that many of them. And they look nearly obsolete in the s4 

But yeah, with all this metadata stuff, it's previous obvious to see 
which things were outliers.


Garming Sam

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