samba4 and bind9 - dynamic udpdates not working anymore

Karl Haue karl.haue at
Fri Dec 26 03:22:25 MST 2014

Rowland Penny <repenny241155 <at>> writes:
> More info please, what version samba, how our you trying to do the 
> updates, etc
> Rowland

Hi Rowland,

samba is version 4.1.0 and 
bind is version 9.9.4-P2

It is a Raspberry (raspbian) and I installed samba4 and bind9 with the
instructions on this link:

Sorry, it is an german instruction, the backend of DNS is bind and three
days ago my bind stops every few minutes.

To solve this I copied this two directorys from backup



bind now works again, but I am not able to use the dynamic dns update for my
windows clients.

This failure I found additionally in log:

26-Dec-2014 11:05:58.691 database: info: samba_dlz: starting transaction on
zone ad.daheim.local
26-Dec-2014 11:05:58.700 update-security: error: client
update 'ad.daheim.local/IN' denied
26-Dec-2014 11:05:58.702 database: info: samba_dlz: cancelling transaction
on zone ad.daheim.local
26-Dec-2014 11:05:58.725 queries: info: client
(460-ms-7.3-5557a.0b1e1935-8ce6-11e4-7782-08002708e36: query:
460-ms-7.3-5557a.0b1e1935-8ce6-11e4-7782-08002708e368 IN TKEY -T (
26-Dec-2014 11:06:00.547 queries: info: client
( query: IN A +

So access is denied, but why?

Thanks for help in advance.


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