[PATCH] Statlite - without VFS changes

Shekhar Amlekar samlekar at in.ibm.com
Fri Dec 19 00:13:29 MST 2014


Few days back I submitted a stat-lite patch that proposed a
new samba VFS call and hence needed changes to few
VFS modules. Here's an attempt to implement the functionality
without making changes to Samba VFS. The interface is as

The statlite mask (in stat structure) is always populated by
Samba before making a stat call and entering the VFS. For
normal stat calls, all the bits are set and for partial stats, only
the select bits are set. Samba also updates the mask, after
the call.(1)

The opaque VFS modules that support statlite functionality
(currently vfs_gpfs) read the mask and retrieve requested
attribs. If all the requested attribs can't be retrieved, an error
is returned. (2)

Because of (1) and (2), no changes are required to the
opaque modules that do not support statlite functionality.
They overwriting the mask field would cause no harm
(vfs_ceph and vfs_glusterfs zero out the stat structure).

Request your kind review.


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