[PATCH] new delete-on-close scenes

Peter Somogyi PSOMOGYI at hu.ibm.com
Wed Dec 17 06:08:01 MST 2014


I have a customer scenario where they're trying to use programs on a share 
where DELETE access on parent folder is disabled by intention, and samba 
behaves here different than windows.
Windows lets to create temporary files having delete_on_close flag at 
create even when you don't have that access.

We have found smb2.delete-on-close already covering this (found Richard 
Sharpe in commit history), but I've continued to explore it further:
- allows to set delete-on-close via setinfo at any time until close (which 
really removes it on windows)
- allows it for directories (+ other special files? entire trees?)
- DELETE desired access comes with RENAME
- you can delete it whenever you want once after you got the DELETE 
desired access at create, which you get not necessarily just upon new 
files but also at the time you still had the access but meanwhile revoked 
(and file gets removed in the end anyway).
See attachment (tested against win7).

Does anybody already dived into this already or have further interest?

Somebody at least should ask protocol clarification, I haven't found 
anything in here: MS-FSA.pdf, MS-FSCC.pdf, MS-SMB2.pdf or MSDN.
To me it looks granting the DELETE access at create time is the key 
(overriding ACLs): either it's a new file, or you must have this access 
(only!) at create time.

But given we possibly just want the mostly needed subset of the whole 
feature stack (grant DELETE - only - on new files, enforce delete at close 
as root when it was really a new file) I'd already like to work on this 
Please let me know your opinion.

Peter Somogyi
IBM Magyarországi Kft.
1117 Budapest
Infopark, Neumann János u. 1.
Phone: +36 1 382 5469
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