[PATCHES] CTDB: improved IPv6 support

David Holder david.holder at erion.co.uk
Wed Dec 17 05:22:24 MST 2014

Hi Martin,

Re determining the interface:

In IPv6 the basic socket API and advanced socket API have support for 
identifying interfaces by a unique integer. There are also supporting 
functions for enumerating interfaces and converting to and from textual 
names for the interfaces.

The functions are if_nametoindex(), if_indextoname(), if_nameindex() and 
if_freenameindex() (see RFC3493 Section 4).

Specifying sending and receive interfaces is covered in RFC3542 Section 
6.1 and 6.2.

Also I was wondering about the DAD issue. This can be turned off in the 
kernel (an interface to this is exposed in /proc). Might this help? I 
sometimes turn off DAD in situations where it can cause problems.

Don't know if this helps... (I didn't look at the code due serious 
broadband issues here)

Best Regards,
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On 04/12/2014 06:42, Martin Schwenke wrote:
> * Some functionality has moved from the daemon to the 10.interfaces
>    eventscript and it now works with IPv6 addresses.
>    For the past couple of years the release IP code in the daemon has
>    depended on being able to determine which interface an IP address is
>    on, rather than trusting vnn->interface.  This was done to more
>    reliably be able to remove rogue IP addresses (present due to
>    either race conditions or addresses that have been moved by hand).
>    This is not as easy for IPv6 addresses since the SIOCGIFCONF ioctl
>    does not support IPv6.
>    Therefore, this code has been removed and vnn->interface is now
>    passed to the "releaseip" event, even when it is NULL (in which case
>    "__none__" is passed).  In all cases the eventscript now uses some "ip
>    addr show to ..." magic to determine the actual interface and netmask
>    for an IP address being released.  If either of these differ from
>    what was passed then a warning is logged, and the actual interface
>    and netmask are used to delete the IP address.

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