"steve" is now on moderation.

Jeremy Allison jra at samba.org
Sun Dec 14 10:40:50 MST 2014

Hi list,

After much discussion on the samba-team list it was
decided to put the composite "steve" user on the samba-technical
list on moderation.

This means each of their posts will have to be
reviewed by the samba-technical moderators before
being allowed on the list.

We (the Samba Team) are sorry we had to take this
step, but there were two main concerns.

The first was the amount of misinformation
that was being added to the samba-technical list
archives. Many people use the archives to find
out how to achieve something, and having a lot
of misinformation in the archives reduces the

The second was the inability of "steve" to
understand how rude they were being to people
who were genuinely trying to help them with
their set ups. No one deserves abuse for trying
to help.

Hope everyone else on the list understands
and please note this is a step we take only
after much discussion, not one that is done


	Jeremy Allison 
	(in this case speaking on behalf
	of The Samba Team, not just myself).

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