Setting up CTDB on OCFS2 and VMs ...

Rowland Penny repenny241155 at
Fri Dec 12 03:36:08 MST 2014

On 11/12/14 18:32, ronnie sahlberg wrote:
> I just tried building a single-node "cluster" on debian with ctdb.

Why a single node ????

> I can check building a 4 node cluster next week when I am home from my travels.

Try it with two nodes

> To get ctdb running on ubuntu 14.10, as root:

Hang on, you said 'debian' above

> 1, Install the ctdb package:
> apt-get install ctdb
> 2, create a missing directory
> mkdir -p /var/lib/run/ctdb

Why is there a missing directory, sounds like a bug to me.

> 3, remove the reclock file
> vi /etc/default/ctdb
> and comment out CTDB_RECOVERY_LOCK

But I want the lock.

> 4, create a nodes file
> vi /etc/ctdb/nodes
> and add the line

Yes, but why '' ???

> 5, create a public addresses file
> vi /etc/ctdb/public_addresses
> and add the two lines
> lo
> lo

Do you have to create these ipaddresses, if so where and how

> 6, start ctdb
> service ctdb start

That is this first part I really understood.

> then check everything looks fine with 'ctbb status' and 'tail
> /var/log/ctdb/log.ctdb'
> That will not really create a very interesting cluster, just one node,
> two public addresses and all on loopback.
> But this should at least verify that ctdbd will start and run.
> Then you can just shut it down and edit
> /etc/ctdb/nodes|public_addresses and make them more interesting.

Again, why just one node. ??

> I personally suggest never running anything smaller than 4 node
> clusters for real data.

Yes, but I am testing, so where is the documentation for people like me, 
who just want to get a couple of nodes up and running ???


> Please see
> man ctdb
> man ctdbd
> less /etc/default/ctdb
> it should contain most to get started with ctdb.
> regards
> ronnie sahlberg.

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