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Wed Dec 10 02:39:54 MST 2014

On Wed, 10 Dec 2014 09:43:12 +0100, Michael Adam <obnox at samba.org>

> > Ah, but in the OCFS2 case the -rw test works, while the "without -rw"
> > test does not work!  ;-)
> That is really really strange.
> But the major problem seems to be:
> How can we reliably tell whether the "without-rw" test succeeds?
> From what I wrote above, the pure lock rate does not always seem
> to give enough information.
> How did _you_ tell that the without-rw test failed?

Well, I missed it the first time because I was very quick to jump to
the with-rw test.  Then Amitay and I sat down, took our time and
made sure we understood everything...  ;-)

Running ping_pong on 1 node gave an astronomical lock rate, like:

 1951653 locks/sec

Running on a 2nd node gave the same rate, with no reduction on the 1st.

Running 2 ping_pongs on the same node resulted in a significant drop
in the lock rate.

So this confirmed that OCFS2 has a lock coherence problem across

Note that I haven't tried anything to resolve this situation.  I
have no DLM running or anything so I expected this problem, given that
Richard had to do a lot more in his tests to resolve this issue.

peace & happiness,
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