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Jeremy Allison jra at
Sat Dec 6 21:50:21 MST 2014

On Sat, Dec 06, 2014 at 11:57:24PM +0000, Jelmer Vernooij wrote:
> At the moment we're manually bundling a bunch of third party libraries
> in third_party/. Rather than keeping (usually partial) copy of these
> libraries in our Git repository, I would propose using git
> submodules where possible (in other words, where the upstream is using
> git). Submodules have come a long way since they were originally
> introduced in Git.
> Using submodules would have the following advantages. Mainly:
> * it is easy to avoid bundled third party libraries by simply not
>   running 'git submodule init'.
> * easy to review updates of upstream revisions we bundle; updating a
>   submodule shows up as a one-line diff. This means we can be sure
>   we're using an unmodified upstream revision; at the moment this is
>   hard to verify. You have to manually pull down a copy to verify that
>   the changes being made to the copy of a third party library are
>   the same as in the upstream repo.
> Some other nice benefits:
> * we're sure we always ship the pristine upstream source; what the
>   system version would provide too
> * easy to update, allows killing
> * reduces unnecessary growth of our own git repo :)
> There are two minor downsides I can think of:
> * after checkout, it is necessary to run 'git submodule init' to
>   do the initial checkout of submodules and then run 'git submodule
>   update' whenever there are changes to the submodules. This
>   can be avoided by setting the 'fetch.recurseSubmodules' setting in
>   Git to 'yes'.
> * if the upstream repository is down for some reason, you can't check
>   out the third party library. We could work around this by hosting
>   our own clone of third party libraries on
>   That said, I don't think such a workaround is necessary. In the rare
>   cases that the upstream repository is down, users can always install the
>   system version of an external library (since we would only use
>   submodules for third party libraries).
>   This also only affects new checkouts and fetches of changes to the
>   submodules. If the submodule reference doesn't change, there is no
>   need for updates.
> Thoughts?

+1 from me. That sounds like a really nicely thought
out plan !

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