Setting up CTDB on OCFS2 and VMs ...

steve steve at
Sat Dec 6 12:59:37 MST 2014

On 06/12/14 20:31, Rowland Penny wrote:

> Maybe you are using it in production, but that doesn't mean that you are
> using it in the way you think you are. I would also recommend you to
> moderate the way you write, you are coming across as a know-it-all
> adolescent, which you probably are.
> Rowland
Adolescents. Never work children eh? But know it all, no. What I do know 
is that a poster has stated something that is not only wrong, but 
misleading. I then correct him.

Now please let us talk about Setting up CTDB on OCFS2 and VMs ...

One way to set up an active:active 2 node cluster is to use ocfs2, drbd 
and ctdb. We have documented it and 3 independent domains are using it. 
It is available now. It has been tested in the field since September. 
That's what we offer. We thought we'd mention it. It may save you a lot 
of time getting your cluster into production. Take it or leave it. But 
please do not misrepresent it.

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