[PATCH] DSDB schema attributes with no linkID are wrongly set as one way links

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at samba.org
Wed Dec 3 05:52:17 MST 2014

Hi Samuel,

> I have found that schema attributes entries with no linkID are set as 
> one way links, which I think is wrong. 
> When loading the schema, the function dsdb_attribute_from_ldb 
> initialize the linkID field of the dsdb_attribute structure to 0 if 
> the entry being loaded does not have linkID. Later, the function 
> dsdb_setup_attribute_shortcuts sets one_way_link to true when the 
> dsdb_attribute->linkID == 0, which cause all attributes with no linkID 
> be considered one way links.
> I have found here 
> http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc773309(v=ws.10).aspx that 
> zero is not a valid value for linkID:
> A linked pair is identified by the linkID values of two 
> attributeSchema objects. The linkID of the forward link is an even, 
> positive, nonzero value, and the linkID of the associated back link is 
> the value of the forward linkID, incremented by one.
> So I think dsdb_attribute->one_way_link has to be set to false when 
> dsdb_attribute->linkID is 0.

Sorry, but this patch is wrong.

'dsdb_attribute->linkID == 0' is the definition of a one way link.

We only need a separate variable 'dsdb_attribute->one_way_link' because
the Windows schema is broken and defines attributes with linkID > 0
and forgot to define an attribute for the backlink.


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