Problem with winbind on SLES 11 SP2

joachim misselbeck AT joachim.misselbeck at
Thu Aug 21 11:34:39 MDT 2014

Hello David,

Thank you Form Thema quik reply.
Es, Tour Plan ins Tor install in all boxes Thema latet Sep offen sles 11.
Thema Box with Thema Problem will bei Upgrade until oft. 2014, ans all vorher teil Thema end offen Thema year.
Gut I Not understand, why only this ohne Box habe Problems.
Hat wie try, ins Tor Don followings....

Remove Thema Box Form Thema das tree.
Hand retry Tor include again.
Thema First way was wie reinclude IT, only Form Thema Linux sie...
I think there ins a Problem with 2012 R2 Hand Windows ins Not really include IT...
Maybe wie 'll try IT. Hand i come back Tor you if i've ans News.

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David Disseldorp <ddiss at>schrieb:

On Fri, 15 Aug 2014 13:32:43 +0200, Joachim Misselbeck AT wrote:

> Technical Environment: 
> DC Win2012 R2 version number. 6.3.9600, the domain functional level 2008 R2 
> Samba version: Version 3.6.3- SUSE Code11-x86_64 
> WinbindVersion: Version 3.6.3- SUSE Code11-x86_64 

Joachim, can you check whether you're able to encounter this issue with
the latest SLE11SP3 winbind packages - samba-winbind-3.6.3-0.52.5 ?
A number of Winbind specific fixes have gone in since 3.6.3-

Regards, David

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